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Battle against breast cancer.

Battle against breast cancer.

Coming out?

Hello fellow Tumblees… yeah..

I have been encountering people coming to me and asking me about what being gay is like, and how I had the courage to come out. And these people have been asking me to help them come out, and some people I’m not even that close to. So I figured I would extend my helping hand to anyone out there that needs advice. I want to help.

I can be today’s Ask Alice.

So please, e-mail me, facebook me, tweet me, blog to me, recommend a friend to me, ANYTHING! I am here for anyone that needs help. :) It will be strictly confidential. If I get enough support, I’ll start a vlog for you guys!



I don’t want none of this straight people shit on my tumblr.



I’ve always wanted gay marriage to be legalized, even “before” I “became” gay. My parents divorced when I was four, and around age twelve my dad told me he’s gay. So obviously I’m going to be pro-queers.

I never really took into account how the legalization of gay marriage would affect me personally.

We all want to have our dream wedding, especially girls. I can’t watch/be at a wedding without crying, regardless of my affiliation with the newlyweds.

My friend and I got on the topic of how I’m always in a relationship.

     "I just like being single. I don’t know how you do it. You’re always in and out of relationships. Like, I can’t just spend two months with someone and be done like you."

One, I can’t be single. It’s annoying, and lonely. I can go around and sleep with people. Not trying to be cocky, but it’s not hard to do. But I don’t see the point in that. I like having someone to see every day after she gets off of work, or I get done with class. I don’t like having to go out to parties and hook up with someone like all of my friends do. Especially because my friends are straight and drag me along to frat parties. Yes, get me pumped up with enough tequila and I will gladly stumble my way around a fraternity house and make friends. But I’m not going to get to go home with someone like they do. Two, I don’t like not being the only person in someone’s life. It’s sheer jealously and greed, I know that. But I don’t want to date someone and know that when they aren’t with me, they’re sleeping with someone else. And to be honest, that person is usually skinnier, prettier, and smarter than I am. So what’s the point? Honestly.

After that little rant, I return to gay marriage. 

     "Well, why would you rush into marriage? You should probably date someone and make sure they’re right for you before then. Anything can happen."

I wasn’t saying date someone for two months and then rush off to a chapel. I know I’ll be with someone for a while and then discuss marriage, and a huge diamond ring of course. But as I went to go defend myself and my ever so sophisticated love life, I realized that there was no point to arguing anything about marrying the woman of my dreams and the love of my life anyway. After my unsettling realization, I simply responded with this:

"Why does my marriage matter anyway? I can’t get married even if I wanted to."

And suddenly everyone stopped. The room went silent. 

"Oh yeah. I completely forgot about that. I guess it doesn’t matter then."

I absolutely LOVE my girlfriend.

I absolutely LOVE my girlfriend.